Language Coaching
with Oriane Brunet
Language Coaching
with Oriane Brunet

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J’ai eu l’immense plaisir et honneur de guider de nombreux professionnels qui ont pris la décision de transformer l’anglais ou français en véritable atout afin d’évoluer dans leur carrière et vivre pleinement leurs rêves !

Vous aussi, faites le pas pour vous exprimer naturellement et partager vos idées et
votre personnalité sans limites !


J'avais un niveau d'anglais scolaire et souhaitais l'améliorer afin de le rendre plus professionnel et pouvoir ainsi échanger plus facilement avec des clients ou partenaires anglophones.

Ce qui est très intéressant avec Oriane, c’est que c’est du sur-mesure ; nous avons même fait des mises en situation directement sur les chantiers. Cela donne envie de s’investir à 100% car c’est concret et c’est applicable directement dans mon quotidien professionnel.

Aussi, j’ai particulièrement apprécié l’aspect humain avec Oriane qui est très flexible dans l’organisation des cours. Un cadre est posé et ensuite il y a une flexibilité dans la mise en œuvre (horaire, visio/présentiel). Elle est également très à l’écoute ce qui est très agréable.

- Adrien R., Responsable pilotage de projet immobilier

image client satisfait Adrien


I chose to improve my English in a professional context with Oriane Brunet. I had to prepare for international conferences in the medical field.

Oriane is an excellent professional. She is conscientious and listens to all her students' personal objectives. Her approach is rigorous and pedagogical. I was never bored!

Her teaching method is perfectly personalised. She takes into account the themes desired by the student. She gives regular reports on the student's level and new objectives.

Each course is tailored to your objectives, with a wide range of exercises. Conversation, writing and reading are used to achieve the objectives. This method suited me perfectly, especially as Oriane is a very pleasant and dynamic person.

- Dr. Barbara Lerhe - Face and Neck Surgeon

image cliente satisfaite Dr Lerhe


I needed to pass the IELTS Academic English test with a minimum score to be able to enrol for a master’s course in the UK. I had some issues with prepositions and pronunciation for example, and I used to rely on auto-correct to fix writing mistakes.

I wanted to improve my English, not just for the test but long-term. I needed extra support to notice my recurring mistakes and learn to correct them. The IELTS exam made me feel nervous and unprepared, and it was an expensive investment but I knew that it was worth it because it would come back to me with job opportunities in the future.

Having classes with Oriane gave me a better understanding of specific rules in English. It also gave me reassurance and confidence that I had prepared well for the exam. Oriane adapted the content to what I needed, the coaching was really tailored to myself and my needs. She anticipated problems I might have because of my mother tongue (Spanish). If I went to an academy, I might get a better test score but I wouldn’t get the overall development that I needed as a person and as an English speaker. Oriane is also flexible in case I have to reschedule a session because of work.

I passed the IELTS test and now I definitely notice a difference in my daily life and at work. I make fewer mistakes when I’m speaking and writing. Oriane goes the extra mile and makes sure that the classes are beneficial and efficient.

- Maria S., Social & Environmental Projet Coordinator

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In the past, I took group English lessons but I felt frustrated and like I wasn’t improving. There wasn’t much time to practice speaking in each class, I couldn’t choose the teacher and I had to follow a standard programme. So the best solution for me is to have a dedicated teacher who can correct my mistakes and pay attention to what I already master and what I can improve.
Another benefit of individual classes is that you have more flexibility and you can change the dates of the lessons, and this helps a lot when you have your family life and job too.

I found Oriane online and when we had our first call, I knew that I would enjoy our classes. I considered her as a friend, not just a teacher, and this really helped me to learn better and feel more confident. My goal was to pass the TOEFL test and at the beginning, I was afraid of the exam and I was asking myself if I was doing the right thing or not. The fact that I studied for the test with Oriane helped me to continue with the preparation. It was perfect for me because she gave me feedback on my progress and asked me regularly what topics I wanted to study. 

Now I’m confident about speaking English. I’m thankful I had intensive classes before starting my new job as everyone speaks English there. I have to continue improving but I can express myself as I want and it doesn’t matter if I make some mistakes. The biggest mistake is not trying to speak if we’re afraid of what others can think of us. I think Oriane was responsible for this positive change so I’m very, very thankful for that.

- Nadia E.K., IT Project Manager

image cliente satisfaite Nadia

Really helpful and motivating

Oriane est très à l'écoute, a directement su cerner mes objectifs et m'a aidée à y parvenir de manière très pédagogique, à l'aide de méthodes très ludiques qui m'ont permis de progresser. Le coaching est adapté aux besoins de chacun. J'ai pu connaître mon niveau exact d'anglais et ai bénéficié de conseils pour pouvoir l'améliorer davantage.


Marvellous teacher!

Thank you very much Oriane for your passionate, professional and kind support! Thanks a lot for helping me improve my English, I feel that I'm on the right path.


Vous avez gagné en confiance et progressé dans votre communication en anglais ou français grâce à l'accompagnement Language Coaching avec Oriane Brunet ? Partagez votre avis !

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